E-voting machines are put to scrap as Barretstown presented with a cheque for €10k

KMK Metals Recycling Ltd. in Tullamore bought the redundant e-voting machines last month with the intention of selling 100 of the machines and giving the proceeds to Barretstown.  However, the Department of the Environment advised that the machines should be put entirely beyond functional use and very generously Kurt Kyck of KMK decided to proceed with the donation. Mr Kyck said, 

 “My staff were disappointed and so when we looked at the figures it was agreed that we were in a position to go ahead with the donation to Barretstown”.

Mr Kyck and his wife have been involved with the charity for a number of years and Edeltraud Kyck has volunteered at Barretstown.Big Thank You from us all to Mr and Mrs Kyck and the staff of KMK for helping rebuild the lives of children with serious illness. Here’s some photos of the machines being dismantled by some campers!

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