At great day was had at the Flora Women’s Mini Marathon

Girl Power!

Congratulbarretstown-mini-marathonations to the 220 ladies who took part in the recent Flora Women’s Mini Marathon for Barretstown.

The ladies travelled from Meath, Galway, Waterford and beyond in support of Barretstown, and they did themselves proud.

Great finishing times

There were some blistering finishing times and many personal bests – Carmel Mc Shane, just back from Canada (01:09), Bethan Parkes (01:06), Denise Keating who was accompanied by her two daughters (00:58) and our fastest finisher Erica Porter (00:55).

On target

The Mini Marathon participant’s target was to raise €25,000 in sponsorship, and they are well on target. This means that more children and families will be able to experience the magic of camp, and have serious fun.