Happy New Year & Thank You For Being Part of the Magic in 2014


Happy New Year from Barretstown!


2015 promises to be a busy and exciting year. With more camps planned this year than ever before we cant wait to meet lots of new campers, here in Barretstown and around the country through our Outreach Programmes.

In 2014 we celebrated 20 years of helping to rebuild lives after serious childhood illness and we want to thank everyone who played a part in making that possible.

Whether you have volunteered your time, donated your hard earned cash, climbed a mountain, grown a beard, dusted off your runners, baked a cake, bought Christmas cards, swam through a muddy swamp (yes really!) or helped raise awareness of Barretstown in any way, we thank you!

Your support is incredible. Please take a moment to see what you have been a part of, check out our thank you video

In 2014, you helped us bring over 2,500 children to camp at Barretstown and reach an additional 1,900 through our Outreach Programmes. If you take a minute now to watch the short video, you will see and hear what that has meant to just a few of our campers.

“Everybody’s nice. Everybody’s been through something similar. And it’s just so much fun,” says Dylan. Thanks to you, children like Dylan have had the chance to forget their worries, their illness and their treatment – and enjoy being a child.

A child’s time at Barretstown makes them stronger. You are helping us treat the child, while doctors treat their illness.

Thank you so much for being part of the magic in 2014, we are looking forward to another year of magic in 2015.