Former Barretstown Camp Director Samantha Rowe-Beddoe donates £50,000 to Barretstown

Samantha Rowe-Beddoe, a former Barretstown Camp Director and philanthropist, along with her husband Gregory Nasmyth donated £50,000 to Barretstown.

It’s not every day we receive a cheque for £50,000! So we were delighted when a former camp director of Barretstown, Samantha Rowe-Beddoe and her husband Gregory Nasmyth, contacted us about making a very generous and substantial donation recently.

Samantha Rowe-Beddoe joined Barretstown as Assistant Camp Director in 1996, then became Camp Director until 1999. During her time here in the early days of Barretstown she oversaw the therapeutic recreation programme roll out.

Speaking about her time in Barretstown recently she said that “My time at Barretstown is still one of my most treasured memories both the people I worked with and the children and families I was so very fortunate to meet. Barretstown has a very special place in both my and my two younger children’s hearts and my husband Gregory and I are delighted that we could donate this money, as we know it will have far-reaching benefits for everyone who visits Barretstown, both now and in the future.

Pictured below is Samantha with Paul Newman and the Barretstown team in 1997, and a more recent photo of Samantha.

You can find out more about Samantha and Gregory’s philanthropic work at  https://www.gregorynasmyth.com/.


Samantha Rowe-Beddoe


Samantha Rowe-Beddoe

Samantha Rowe-Beddoe

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