Batteries for Barretstown

European Recycling Platform (ERP) Ireland

European Recycling Platform (ERP) Ireland is powering positivity at Barretstown in a new three-year initiative, ‘Batteries for Barretstown,’ aimed at increasing awareness of battery recycling and raising much-needed funds for Barretstown.

Batteries can be recycled free of charge in any retail store selling batteries, in schools, libraries, civic amenity sites at a recycling centre or at one of ERP’s free recycling events held across the country and all batteries collected will contribute towards a donation fund that aims to raise €120,000 for Barretstown over the next 3 years.

‘Batteries for Barretstown’ will run in ERP’s 8 counties (Louth, Meath, Monaghan, Dublin Fingal, Limerick, Cavan, Clare, and Kerry), with promotional battery collection points in local authority recycling centres, schools and retailers.

Speaking about the partnership, CEO of ERP, Martin Tobin said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Barretstown on the ‘Batteries for Barretstown’, Powering Positivity initiative. The message in this campaign is a hugely positive one, which we hope will drive people to dispose of their waste batteries in an environmentally conscious way, whilst raising funds for a worthy children’s charity.

Barretstown’s CEO Dee Ahearn said: “This campaign is a very exciting project for us and we are thrilled to be involved in helping to motivate people to become more environmentally aware and to change their battery recycling habits. The commitment to Powering Positivity at Barretstown, is enormously important to us in providing facilities for our campers and for their families, and we are very excited about the positive energy being generated by the campaign.”

To get involved in the campaign or order boxes, please call 0818 332 757 or email info@erpcollect.ie.

16 responses to “Batteries for Barretstown

  1. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We here at Clare FM, Francis Street, Ennis, Co. Clare V95 FN40 have filled a box of batteries for Barrettstown can you tell me the nearest drop off point for these batteries is to our building.


    Clare FM

    1. Hi Brenda,
      Thanks a million for getting in touch. I will let someone know that the box is full thank you so much for getting in touch Hazel

  2. Tried to Pick up a box for our GP Surgery in Dublin but not allowed as DCC juristiction not covered.
    Can we drop batteries to you?
    Where are the best drop off points in Dublin 5?

    1. Thanks a million for your interest in Batteries for Barretstown. ERP only operate in 8 counties in Ireland and unfortunately Dublin isn’t one of those. WEEE, as far as I know, manage the collection of Batteries in Dublin. Thanks again Hazel

  3. Hi,
    Collon National School have 5 full boxes of batteries could we get them collected and get some more new boxes.


    1. Hi Edel,
      I have sent on your message and one of the team will be in touch thanks

  4. Presentation Primary School in Drogheda two full boxes of batteries and we have have enough to fill another box. Please let us know what to do next! Thanks

    1. Hi Fiona,
      Thank you so much for getting in contact. I will get someone to get in touch with you with information. Thanks a million

  5. Hi
    We have a box full of batteries ready for collection whenever is convenient for you to pick up.

  6. Hi
    St. Oliver’s N.S, Ballymakenny Road, Drogheda have 4 boxes full. Please let me know how to arrange for collection. Thanks a mil!

  7. There is a large quantity of batteries which are available to be collected at Institute of Technology, Tralee. Is it possible for you to arrange collection of same?

  8. Scariff Community College, Co Clare would like to take part in the ” Batteries for Barrettstown” project. How do we start? Go raibh maith agaibh

  9. Hi
    Dundalk library has 3 full boxes. We would also like extra bags. Can you please send a representative to collect the batteries?

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