Making cents count: micro-donations in Ireland make the difference for seriously ill children

This is a fantastic piece about how your company can get involved in helping Barretstown. Pennies for Barretstown is a fantastic initiative that shows the impact of lots of little donations. To find out more on how you can get involved email corporate@barretstown.org

Source: https://pennies.org.uk/making-cents-count-micro-donations-ireland-make-difference-seriously-ill-children/


Back in September 2016, after 6 years successfully raising funds through Pennies with their customers in the UK, Domino’s took the digital charity box international and began collecting micro-donations in the Republic of Ireland.

From day one, donations made by pizza lovers ordering online with Domino’s in the Republic of Ireland have been supporting children’s charity Barretstown, helping improve the lives of many children affected by serious illnesses – primarily cancer and serious blood diseases.

Two years on, Domino’s customers in the Republic of Ireland have rounded up their orders to the nearest Euro more than 150,000 times, and have raised over €30,000 for Barretstown.

Debbie and James at camp

Barretstown aims to rebuild the lives of these seriously ill children and their families, believing they should enjoy childhood just like any other child. To achieve their aim, Barretstown offer free, specially designed camps and programmes for children and their families and since opening their doors, they have helped over 50,000 campers.

Your donations help Barretstown run their core services, like the Med Shed, which provides 24/7 necessary on-site treatment for the campers. This allows the children and their families to have an amazing time together whilst knowing that all of their medical needs will be met, making these amazing trips possible.

James’ mum shares their experience at Barretstown, showing how your pennies (and cents) really can make a difference, and could offer a child and their family peace of mind when attending camp with round the clock support from the Med Shed.

Eimear and James at the Med Shed

James was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 12 after suffering what they thought was a small fall. During his illness James was offered a place at Barretstown to have the best time of his life. James mum said:

“Without the Med Shed, there is no way James could have gone to Barretstown. And if James hadn’t gone to Barretstown, we would never have learned how to live with his cancer.”

Your small change can really help Barretstown put a huge smile back on someone’s face and make life a little brighter. If you haven’t already, you can press yes at the checkout when you’re next ordering your favourite Domino’s pizza, and round up your purchase to help children with life threatening illnesses and their families.

Med Shed Appeal 2018

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