Bake For Barretstown!

Cake Sale at the University of Hertfordshire


The 1st of November 2018 smelled very nice at the Science Building of the University of Hertfordshire, UK. A wonderful and excited group of PhD students, Research Associates and Fellows from the Life and Medical Sciences School organised a Cake Sale to support Barretstown. Despite the heavy rain, the bakers’ scrumptious creations raised a total £271.28 to support Barretstown’s activities, leaving the organisers with a huge smile and the donors with a happy tummy!

Bake for Barretstown

One of the bakers, Dr. Ioanna Danai Styliari, on choosing Barretstown for this fundraising said: ”Barretstown supports children with serious illnesses as well as their families, through their difficult journey; I have witnessed first handed how children gain confidence, trust themselves and other members of their groups while having fun. It is a community based in respect and completely focused around children. We need to support as much as we can places like Barretstown as they support our future, the kids.”

Want to get involved?

Contact Jane or Donna at fundraising@barretstown.org to find out more

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