We have served over 100,000 campers since 1994

Hospitals treat the illness, Barretstown treats the child

Higher rates of cancer diagnosis and improved survival rates are leading to an increase in demand for our services, as more and more children and families face the long road through treatment.

Barretstown helps children and their families deal with the emotional and physiological scares often left after months and years of treatment.

The Barretstown programme is endorsed by leading medical professionals and has become internationally recognised as having a profound and lasting impact on the lives of children with serious illness.

After participating, children go home with increased confidence, self-esteem and the skills they need to face the rest of their journey to recovery.

Where our money comes from

Where our money comes from

This pie chart highlights our income sources for 2021. As you will see we receive just 1% funding from the government, so fundraising is vital to ensure we can continue to help families living with cancer and serious illness.

Celebrating over 85,000 campers since 1994

Celebrating over 85,000 campers since 1994

Since Barretstown first opened its gates in 1994, we have served over 100,000 campers, and this year we aim to serve over 10,000 campers for the first time in a single year! In 1994, 120 campers experienced the magic of Barretstown in the year, we now welcome over 120 campers to each one of our camps!

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