Barretstown has a fully equipped medical facility on site called the Med Shed

The Med Shed

The Barretstown Medical Centre, known as the ‘Med Shed’, overlooks the magnificent Secret Garden at Barretstown, and is situated right beside the Dining Hall.

It is designed to be a sheltering, friendly environment to provide care for minor injuries, general paediatric problems, and administer oral medications including oral chemotherapy, IV push chemotherapy, and factor infusions. Transfusions are not routinely given, nor are multi-agent IV chemotherapy.

The Med Shed includes a full stocked pharmacy, treatment rooms & overnight rooms for campers when needed.

How we work with hospitals

Barretstown’s programme of Therapeutic Recreation is endorsed by paediatric oncologists from leading medical centres in each country we serve. ...

These hospital's include CHI at Crumlin, CHI at Temple Street, University College London Hospital and many more.

To the professionals in these hospitals, Barretstown is an integral part of each child’s continuum of care in order to complete treatment and recovery.

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