April's Story

"We all feel lighter, and more together"

April's Difficult Journey

April's Difficult Journey

April's journey with her illness started when she was just two years old. A tumour discovered in her tummy led to April being sent to Crumlin Children's Hospital, where she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a cancer on her developing nerve cells.

``You're just- you’re blank. You're completely blank. You're obviously absolutely heartbroken, but you are blank because you don't believe everything that's coming at you. April’s had two more diagnoses since then and when I think back on that time, I was completely numb.`` - April's Mum, Katie

For April, her original chemotherapy treatment ended in early 2017, but she unfortunately relapsed after a tumour was discovered growing on the side of her skull. Years later, April is still coping with her illness, and the health defects as a result of her treatment.

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April Comes to Barretstown

April’s illness took away the girl she was, and stole her childhood from her. But at Barretstown, thanks to your support, we were able to give her back a piece of that childhood.

Coming to camp changed everything for April and her family. April started going out with her friends more, and visiting the library. Katie & Graham quickly discovered what a competitive & outgoing child she really was. Thanks to the Therapeutic Programming at Barretstown, they got April back.

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``Having fun together, silly, innocent fun together, is our favourite thing`` - Katie, April's Mum