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What Happens in the Med Shed?

What Happens in the Med Shed?

Children coming to Barretstown are dealing with serious illnesses like cancer and diabetes. Many are still in the middle of treatment or have a lifelong illness that requires 24/7 care. The Med Shed provides a direct line of communication between the medical staff in the Med Shed and the child’s referring hospital.

Medical care can continue while at Barretstown, the Med Shed provides on-site treatment such as oral chemotherapy, blood monitoring, haemophilia factor, inhalation therapy and so much more.

Help us to fund the Barretstown Med Shed and change the lives of thousands of children - support the Barretstown Med Shed Appeal.

Barretstown’s as important as the chemotherapy we give kids with cancer, it’s as important as the nursing care, the doctoring care; it is part of their treatment.

The Impact of the Med Shed

The Impact of the Med Shed

``For Lucy, the Med Shed was a safe place where she could go. She knew her illness would be treated with respect and they wouldn’t panic. Even though Lucy was the first child with her very serious condition to go to Barretstown, that didn’t bother them. I think the Med Shed could handle anything, really. It’s essential for families like ours.``

- Niamh MacConnell, mum to Lucy, diagnosed with Osteogenesis Imperfecta at birth

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Meet Áine

Meet Áine

Áine was diagnosed with Diabetes at just two years old. A hidden illness, that is often severely misunderstood, diabetes places a strain strain on Áine and her family. It requires constant monitoring, with a permanent dread at the consequences should she become ill.

Áine came to Barretstown when she felt like she'd had enough and was giving up, feeling negative and tired of living with her illness. She’s now more positive, more independent, and has made some lifelong friends with the same illness as her at Barretstown.

The support of the Barretstown med Shed creates an environment where children and families can let go of the stresses of serious illness, safe in the knowledge that they are in the care of world class medical professionals, giving them a safe place to just enjoy what Barretstown has to offer them.

Barretstown gave Áine back her confidence, but her visit to camp never would have been possible without the support that the med Shed provides to her, and all the other campers.

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The Barretstown Med Shed Appeal

The Barretstown Med Shed Appeal

As medical lead of the Barretstown Med Shed for over 25 years, Eimear has an intimate understanding of just how crucial the Med Shed is for Barretstown's mission.

Read her letter of appeal to understand the role of the medshed.

A letter from Eimear

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