Sean's Appeal

Sprinkle a little magic for children like Seán

Help Barretstown to transform more lives just like Seán's I want to sprinkle a little magic! ✨

Will You Sprinkle a Little Magic for children like Seán?

Barretstown is a place where families come to reignite joy, and to forget the troubles and pain that comes with serious childhood illness. One family who experienced this is the Richards, when in December 2019, their son Seán suddenly became seriously ill with Cancer. We would really appreciate it if you could read their story below to find out just why our work at Barretstown is so important.

Read Mebh's own words as she explains the impact of Seán's illness on their whole family, and how Barretstown was a light for them in the darkness.

Mebh's Letter 💚

Barretstown is a safe place for families like the Richards, where they can forget about the pain they've experienced due to serious childhood illness, and just get back to having fun. Our Therapeutic Programmes are transformative for chidlren and adults alike, as they build confidence, and instill hope again for each member of the family. With your support, we can continue to change lives at Barretstown. Will you sprinkle a little magic and support us?

Sprinkle a Little Magic ✨