Serious illness can put a child’s life on hold

At Barretstown children can be children again. And parents can concentrate on relaxing, having fun and spending time together.

Your child is in safe hands

At Barretstown we provide seamless continuity of care by offering 24 hour on site medical and nursing attention. ...

Your child’s safety and well-being

At Barretstown, the safety and emotional and physical wellbeing of the children is our primary concern. We strive to ensure that they are protected, safe and comfortable at all times.

Who will look after my child?

Our staff are fully trained and experienced, and supported by a team of volunteers called Caras, the Irish word for friend.

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation

Barretstown is designed to respond directly to the needs of a child living with a serious illness – both clinical and psychological. Our Therapeutic Recreation model is recognised by paediatricians and psychologists all over the world as an important and necessary component of a child’s treatment: the hospital treats the illness, we treat the child. The Therapeutic Recreation programme brings campers through a fun, activity-based process of challenge, success, reflection and discovery.

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