Join us for a magical weekend!

The family weekend camps take place throughout the year. Family camps mean that the whole family can come together to Barretstown to enjoy our activities and programmes. This completely free weekend includes full bed and board, and you will be entirely looked after by our camp team and Med Shed staff.

What to expect

What to expect

From when you arrive at Barretstown until you depart, our camp team will look after everything for you. Your stay at Barretstown is fully catered, with breakfast, lunch and dinner all provided for families. Each family will be accompanied throughout the weekend by volunteer Caras, whose objective for the weekend is to make sure you have lots and lots of fun!

Your family's safety & well-being

At Barretstown, the safety and emotional and physical well-being of the children is our primary concern. We strive to ensure that they are protected, safe and comfortable at all times.

Our staff are fully trained and experienced, and supported by a team of volunteers called Caras, the Irish word for friend.

The Barretstown medical team are joined during the summer camps by two volunteer doctors and four to six volunteer nurses.

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation

Barretstown is designed to respond directly to the needs of a child living with a serious illness – both clinical and psychological. Our Therapeutic Recreation model is recognised by paediatricians and psychologists all over the world as an important and necessary component of a child’s treatment: the hospital treats the illness, we treat the child. The Therapeutic Recreation programme brings campers through a fun, activity-based process of challenge, success, reflection and discovery.

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What do I need to bring with me?

Check out our handy guide to what you should bring to camp here: What to bring to camp – Barretstown Children’s Charity

Where can I get more information?

If you would like to know more about Barretstown, you can find our ‘Everything you Need to Know’ by clicking here.

You can also email us at families@barretstown.org or call us on +353 45 863 147 or +353 45 863 130