Got some music in you that needs an audience?

Are you up for sharing your talent online and giving everyone a lift

and doing it as a much needed fundraiser for Barretstown?

Well now is the time to do it, and from the comfort of your very own home.

We are asking you to ‘Busk for Barretstown’ !

Simply :

  • Register with us that you want to ‘Busk for Barretstown’ HERE
  • Set yourself a date and create your online event on Facebook or Insta or Youtube, as a fundraiser for Barretstown and
  • Use any of the Video Live Streaming platforms such as Facebook Live or Instagram Live or YouTube to host your concert.
  • Share the details on all your social media accounts to spread the word!


Don’t forget this is a fundraiser so you have a few different options to ask people to donate on your busk event:

  • Just add a ‘DONATE’ button to your Facebook or Instagram event page /  live stream


  • Ask your audience to text LAUGHTER to 50300 and that will be a 4 donation to Barretstown directly


  • Include a link to our DONATE page on our website in the text of your event description and ask people to include your busk as their reason for donating.


  • Set up a free JustGiving page and link to it in the text description under your YouTube / FB / Insta event…that way you will all see the total raised!


Here are some of our amazing buskers so far. Thanks folks! You were amazing!

Check out Matthew Cusack!