Why not set up a street bingo evening within your community?
Gather some prizes from neighbours and local businesses.
Set a date and time and let all the neighbours know.
It’s a fun way to connect your community and raise valuable funds for Barretstown!


Here’s a simple checklist of how to put it together:

  • Register the event with us (here) or email us and let us know when it’s on.
  • Gather some prizes from local businesses and neighbours.
  • Let all your neighbours know when your bingo night is on and to bring their own chairs / pens.
  • Organise your numbers on pieces of paper or counters in a bag and prepare some bingo cards for your neighbours.
  • Here’s a link to a handy, free, bingo card generating website -> HERE
  • To join the event, your invitees can either donate per bingo card and you gather money on the day
  • Or they can text ‘LAUGHTER’ to 50300 to donate €4! *


It’s a simple and fun way to connect your community AND help raise some much needed funds for Barretstown!

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