The following policies are agreed to when signing the volunteer induction and agreement.



  • The use of personal cameras is prohibited.

Connecting to Barretstown

  • I will not create a link to the Barretstown website on any internet platform without receiving prior written approval from camp.
  • #Barretstown is not allowed in any social networking sites unless permission by Barretstown is granted.

Camper Contact

  • I will not share my personal contact information with campers and there is to be no contact with campers outside of camp.

At Barretstown, we appreciate that campers and staff develop a unique and trusting relationship during their time at camp. While these relationships are positive during their time at camp, they cannot continue outside of the camp. If campers wish to get in touch with you after camp they must use the following email address – campteam@barretstown.org

We encourage staff to be aware of their privacy settings on social networking sites, personal websites etc. Having public pages means that campers and parents can access personal information. When referencing Barretstown, keep in mind other conduct that can then be associated with Barretstown (such as obscenities, profanities, derogatory comments etc., and other such conduct that would not be tolerated at camp). We encourage staff to keep in mind that once identified as staff at Barretstown, you are seen as an ambassador of Barretstown to the campers and staff that you have met here.


  • Barretstown is an alcohol and recreational drug free site.


  • There is one designated smoking area on site and can only be used on time off.


  • Staff are assigned one activity block off per day during a full camp day.
  • I understand that this is the only time I am able to leave site during the session, and must sign out
  • I understand that if I require additional time off, or need to leave site for any reason outside of my allocated time off, I will seek consent from the Camp Director


  • I will not take or possess property belonging to someone else.
  • I will not take or possess property belonging to camp, without the permission of the Camp Director


  • I will not engage in behaviour that is offensive and/or discriminative with regard to one’s race, gender, culture, sexual orientation, or religion

Child Protection

  • I am aware of, and will strictly adhere to, Barretstown’s 2 Adult policy at all times
  • I will report any concerns or disclosures of abuse to the Camp Director Immediately, and respect the confidentiality of the situation
  • I will respect camper confidentiality at all times.

 Allegations against an Employee/Volunteer

  • Child Abuse is a serious criminal offence. A staff member or volunteer with responsibility of caring for children may be placed in a sensitive situation, making them vulnerable to charges of child abuse allegations.
  • Barretstown is committed to the protection of campers, volunteers and staff. The first priority is to ensure that no child is exposed to unnecessary risk and relevant protective measures should be taken at all times e.g. the 2 Adult Policy.
  • If an allegation of abuse is made against a staff member or volunteer– the procedures outlined in the Child Welfare policy will be followed.


If you have any questions about our policies or procedures don't hesitate to contact the Camp Team on the below email or calling 045 864115

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