Social Impact Report

Barretstown marks 30 years of making a difference with the launch of a Social Value Report, providing a social value of €1.9 Billion since 1994.

The Social Impact and Social Value of Barretstown 1994-2023 (download here) authored by Sandra Velthuis of Whitebarn Consulting outlines the impact and value of Barretstown’s medically endorsed therapeutic camps and programmes that are offered to seriously ill children and their families throughout Ireland helping them to rebuild confidence, independence, self-esteem and enhance emotional wellbeing.

This report presents the results of an independent study of the difference Barretstown has made to all of its stakeholders over the first 30 years of its existence. The work involved a review of a considerable volume of external literature and internal documentation, as well as an analysis of the views of around 1,500 people who took part in a consultation process. The report describes the changing external context that the organisation had to constantly adapt to over the past three decades, the many resources that were invested into the organisation, and the evergrowing array of activities that were able to be undertaken because of that investment. It was found that Barretstown positively affected the wellbeing of many different individuals and organisations.

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Summary of Findings

  • Approx €145 million of money, in-kind resources and volunteer effort invested into Barretstown
  • 57,990 on-site campers 
  • 48,003 programme participants in hospitals and schools 
  • 11,049 virtual campers 
  • Campers from 31 countries (85% from Ireland) 
  • Many different beneficiaries but most profound outcomes for campers 
  • At least €1.9 billion worth of social value generated (a ‘return’ of 1:13)

The Social Impact and Social Value of Barretstown 1994-2023 Download