Pioneer Investments

How we work together


Barretstown and Pioneer Investments collaborate together each year with a view to sponsoring an Autumn weekend camp to the value of €50,000. They also support this generous donation by encouraging their employees to volunteer at their sponsored camp.

For the staff that are unable to commit to a weekend camp Pioneer Investments offer 20 places to interested staff that wish to take part in the Helping Hands Day programme in Barretstown. These days give staff the chance to work on a specific project to help improve our grounds, but also to experience some of the magic of Barretstown for themselves.

Since the partnership was formed in 2009 we have welcomed over 200 Pioneer Investment volunteers in various capacities here in Barretstown.


Pioneer Investments

“Difficult to explain, overwhelmed by emotions, filled with joyful unforgettable memories about the kids, the parents, the friendship and all of you. A great lesson of life from these wonderful children! My priority list simply demolished by this experience!”
Pioneer Investments Volunteer



Pioneer Investments
Pioneer Investments have a well-established charity committee that consists of key decision makers from the organisation. This charity committee felt it was hugely important that the staff of Pioneer Investments had a strong affiliation with their chosen charity and that they were intrinsically involved in the relationship from the outset.