Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon

Danielle has a medical condition and was put forward by a nurse in her clinic in Crumlin Hospital to attend a Summer Teen Camp in Barretstown in 2014. She had such a great time and got the chance to go back in again in 2015.

I took up running myself about 4 years ago. I don’t compete, I just do it for myself to keep fit. It helps relieve daily stress so I try to get out for a run at least twice a week. Danielle does not do much running but she plays football so she’s very active. Danielle made the decision to partake in the Mini Marathon as a way to help with her fitness and as she was sitting the junior cert she thought it would be a good way to keep up her fitness between study. She loves a challenge! She didn’t get much training in beforehand but was playing her football so she would be fit anyway.

Danielle chose Barretstown as the charity she would raise funds for as a way of saying thank you for the wonderful time she had at summer camp and all the new friends she made.

Fundraiser - Vhi Women's Mini Marathon - 2015