Vyvyenne Chamberlain: My 60th Birthday Story

Vyvyenne has been a long time supporter of Barretstown, her son Adam has attended camp and Vyvyenne has fundraised for Barretstown through the Mini Marathon on a number of occasions. 

In 2015 as her 60th birthday approached Vyvyenne made the kind decision to donate her birthday to Barretstown. Read her story below. Vyvyenne raised €300 on her special day and is helping to create magic for more families through her kindness. 


I decided to have a party for my 60th Birthday and to raise funds and awareness for Barretstown at the same time.  I organised a restaurant in Dublin to host my party between the restaurants lunch and tea-time customers, 2:30 – 6:00pm.

We moved the furniture, stuck up posters and made some boxes for contributions.

Some of my friends manned the money boxes and helped display photos etc. The staff served some food platters and stayed out of the way for the rest of the time.

Everyone knew me and my son, Adam, who has A.P.E.C.E.D., and enjoyed Barretstown many times, as did I. All the party goers were known to me and invited and all knew I would wish for a contribution in the box instead of a birthday present.

We had a fantastic time. Great dancing, nice food and lots of chat. People in the street couldn’t believe their eyes but could see the posters to see what we were about.