Sponsor a Tree in our Enchanted Forest

Gift a tree to a loved one and make a difference for children affected by serious illness

Sponsor a Tree
Become a part of Barretstown

Become a part of Barretstown

Make a difference with a sustainable gift, while also helping children and families affected by serious childhood illness. Barretstown is planting 3,000 trees in our newly designed Enchanted Forest. Each tree in the forest can be purchased and gifted to a loved one, so that they will always be a part of Barretstown.

Available exclusively in Kildare Village, you can visit the Enchanted Forest unit in Kildare Village or purchase online.

Sponsor A Tree
Plant the seed and make a difference

Plant the seed and make a difference

The Enchanted Forest at Barretstown is a new sustainable initiative, that will see a thousand trees planted on the Barretstown campus, which each tree's sponsorship helping to raise funds for families living with serious illness. It also supports Barretstown's sustainability goals, with our goal to becoming totally carbon neutral by 2030. Gift a tree in our Enchanted Forest to a loved one, complete with a custom certificate!

Make an impact by sponsoring a tree in our Enchanted Forest Sponsor A Tree

The Enchanted Forest will be open to the public each year during the Barretstown Open Days, and Enchanted Tree owners are very welcome to visit their tree and see the impact of their support for children living with serious illness. The Enchanted Forest is launching in time for Christmas but is also the perfect gift for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and christenings.

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Become part of the Barretstown community

Hear stories about the life changing impact your support has on the lives of children living with cancer and other serious illness. Learn about our campaigns, fundraising and other ways for us to join together to achieve our mission.