We'd like to thank YOU for all the amazing community fundraising events that you run for us every year!

We'd like to thank YOU for all the amazing community fundraising events that you run for us every year!

We are forever grateful to our amazing army of community fundraisers who organise and run fundraising events for Barretstown all over the country every year!

This year particularly, so far, it's been obviously extra difficult to run any kind of community fundraising and we are all having to think outside the box to keep the Barretstown magic alive and also it's been impossible for us to be present at cheque presentations etc.

So this little section of our website is just our way of saying thank-you!! You're all amazing!
Here's just a few of our heroes that fundraise and help us to keep spreading the Barretstown magic!
Be inspired!!

With about 120 people in attendance, it was a huge success and we are so grateful to Marion and all involved for all their work, time and support for this magical event. The ball was run in conjunction with a raffle, which cleverly meant that even those who could not attend the night could still get involved!

In Marion’s words: “The reason why we wanted to give money to Barretstown was because we attended their bereavement camps after Martina’s passing. The camp helped us through the most difficult time in our lives, by allowing us to be ourselves, allowing us to have fun, laugh for the first time in a long time and most importantly it gave us the space we needed to grieve in whatever way we needed. Our weekends in Barretstown helped us become a family again.

Martina brought joy to our lives in so many ways, but sadly was taken away from us 14 years after she arrived into the world. Martina had a genetic condition called MPS which caused her to be small in stature but she made up for it in her personality. She had a smile that would light up a room as soon as she walked in, she was smart and funny and she was one of the bravest people I know.”

Thankyou Marion. In Martina’s memory you and all involved are helping us offer some Barretstown magic to many more children and families and keep Martina’s light shining brightly!

In April 2019, Jennifer’s nephew Luke was diagnosed with brain cancer. He has had 2 rounds of surgery to remove a tumour and will be undergoing chemotherapy for the next year. Luke’s family wanted to give something back to all the organisations that have helped them through this time and Barretstown was one.

So, Luke’s sister and 2 of his cousins volunteered to have their beautiful long hair cut, to raise some money for us! (The hair was donated to Rapunzel to have wigs made for little girls who are going through something similar.) Such an amazing thing that these young warrior women have done for us and all involved and those who donated! Thank you ALL so so much! You’re helping keep the magic of Barretstown alive!

We are so, so grateful to Karen and all the team who put the event together, donated prizes or bought raffle tickets or had a chop and shave!

All the ladies committed to having a minimum 7 inches of hair-cut and all the gents had a no-shave November and then had a shearing! They also had an amazing raffle on the day so that all could get involved and so we’d also like to give a massive shout out to all who donated to the long prize list!

We’re sure it was a fun night in Feehan’s bar, Corlough and we want them all to know they really have helped us to continue to make a difference to a lot of families and children’s lives. Bravo all!