Medical Information

The Med Shed

The Barretstown’s medical centre, the “Med Shed”, is under the direction of the Nursing Director, Senior Nurses x 2 and the Medical Director.

During the family camp weekends, the Barretstown nurses cover the med shed during the day and overnight.

During the summer session, volunteer doctors and nurses from Spain, England, Hungary and many other countries join the Nursing Director and Senior Nurses for each session. The sessions are staffed with two volunteer doctors and four to six volunteer nurses and the Barretstown nurses who will cover the days and nights.

Barretstown is affiliated with Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Dublin. We adhere to all medical polices and protocols in place on their haematology/oncology ward. If any child requires admission during their time at camp they are brought either to A & E at Our Lady’s or to the oncology ward, depending on the nature of the illness. The laboratory at the hospital also receives any blood work we may have over the programme months.

Camper Safety

Campers’ safety is paramount and they must be supervised during their stay at camp.

There are risk assessments for all areas of camp and staff are expected to adhere to the control measures to ensure the campers and other staff member’s safety while on site.

The Nursing Director is responsible for the medical component of summer staff training and volunteer med shed orientation. During training the importance of working together to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the campers is covered; this will include but is not limited to, medical alert lists, dietary needs and allergies, infection control, medical support, and health and safety policies.


Other safety practices include:

  • Closed-toed shoes must be worn in all activity areas
  • Illness or serious injury must be reported to the medical team immediately for campers and staff alike
  • Standing on benches, tables, and chairs are prohibited
  • Sitting on tables is prohibited
  • No running in any indoor areas
  • No camper is to be lifted by staff or other campers
  • No football allowed during summer camps.
  • Riding on the back of a wheelchair or running with one is prohibited
  • No activity will take place outside when it is raining


Medical Policy for Staff and Volunteers

The Med Shed is designed to be a child focused, friendly environment where the medical team can provide care for minor injuries, general paediatric problems and administer oral medications including oral chemotherapy. Historically the Med Shed has seen and treated many staff. The below is to clarify the policy of the Med Shed team in treating staff.


  1. All staff emergencies will be dealt with by those working in the Med Shed before referral on to an A&E department or GP service.
  2. Any staff with concerns about infectious disease will be seen first by the Med Shed team before referral to a GP service if necessary.
  3. Treatment for first aid will be provided by the Med Shed team – this may include treatment for allergies, insect bites, burns, cuts, strains and sprains, sunburn, and nosebleeds.
  4. First Aid does not cover the administration of any drugs or medications
  5. Any staff member with a chronic medical condition who requires treatment during their stay at camp must receive this from their own doctor
  6. All staff are requested to bring their own personal medication to camp.


Do you have any questions about what the Med Shed does in Barretstown? Please get in touch by calling us on 045 864115 or on the below email address.

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