How we work together

An exciting new cause related marketing initiative we are involved with is with new Irish online dating site, www.arealkeeper.ie. They have agreed to donate €1 for each of its first 50,000 subscribers to charity. The €50,000 charity fund will be divided among a number of participating charities, including Baretstown, according to the percentage of supporter votes each charity receives as logged on the ARealKeeper.ie Facebook page.

Once ARealKeeper.ie has reached 50,000 registered subscribers the €50,000 fund will be allocated according to the percentage of votes per charity on the Facebook page. For example, if a certain charity receives 20% of the votes they will receive €10,000. Through this campaign, you can help to raise valuable funds for Barretstown with no purchase necessary!





Well-known matchmakers Rena Maycock and Feargal Harrington have established ARealKeeper.ie as a safe, honest online dating option for people who would like a genuine relationship. ARealKeeper.ie is an exciting alternative to traditional online dating.