Brogan Doyle’s Haircut

In 2010 my Brother Max got very sick with Cancer he spent a lot of time in Crumlin hospital. A special nurse there told Max and my mum and dad all about Barretstown. We got to go and stay in Barretstown for a weekend at a family camp. It was so magical with lots of fun things to do that took our minds of Max being so sick. Everyone there was happy and it made me feel happy and we all smiled a lot.

I wanted to do something to raise money for Barretstown because I could see how much happiness is there, and I wanted other sick children to be able to go and enjoy it too. So I asked my mum if I could dye my hair. She said I would have to ask my Principal in school first and if she agreed then I had to write to Barretstown to let them know.

I wanted to raise €100. I got an interview with East Coast Radio and told the Wicklow People all about my raising money for Barretstown. Everyone thought it was a brilliant idea and started to sponsor me. I raised much more than I ever hoped to do. A hairdresser in Avoca called Rochelle dyed my hair, and as an extra secret that nobody knew I had asked Rochelle could I cut it up to my chin as well. I loved my new hair. Instead of €100 euro i ended up raising €1,035.00. Everybody was so proud of me.