Here's a handy list of things you might want to bring to camp with you

* Earplugs
* Shoes: during camp all staff are required to wear closed toed comfortable shoes. Bring 2 pairs as one may get wet.
* Comfortable clothes to wear suitable for hot and cold weather.
* Rain jacket
* Wellies
* Leggings: If you are wearing leggings they must be worn with a long top.
* A small mirror.
* A watch is very useful here too!!
* Toiletries and personal hygiene products
* Long pants/shorts/trousers
* Underwear/nightwear
* Shirts/jumpers/sweatshirts
* Towels, Bed linen, Pillows and all meals are provided on camp.
* There is a laundry facility onsite if needed.
* Please be aware of appropriate clothing while working with children e.g. you are not permitted to wear string vests, short or tight skirts or shorts, low cut clothing or inappropriate logos.
* You are responsible for providing your own unique items for your personal care to include medication.
* There is strictly no alcohol permitted on camp at any time.
* Sharp tools, knives and/or weapons are strictly not permitted on site
* Barretstown does not take responsibility for any damage or theft to personal items such as laptops, I –pods, mobiles and cameras.
* Personal Cameras: Our new Child Protection Policy states that staff will not use their own personal camera’s to take photographs of children, or take any photo’s of children on site. You may only use your camera on your time off and to take location shots. Camp camera’s only will be used for photo’s. We understand you would like to share your experience with friends and family so please direct anyone to our website where we have some excellent photographs and video’s, also our facebook page is updated after every session with photo’s of children who have signed photo release consent.

Summer only

* European compatible Adapter.
* Ireland’s currency is EURO if you wish to buy Barretstown Merchandise or for your time off.