Fundraising for Barretstown – Soup Army Story


At Barretstown we have some amazing fundraisers! These fundraisers are always coming up with new and innovative ideas to help us raise the €4.8m we need each year to make the magic of Barretstown a reality.  Millie and Eve at just 10 years of age are just two young fundraiser’s that turned something that they love doing into helping sick children. I will let their mother Emma describe to you the amount of effort and generosity of the local town of Naas businesses can help raise more than €450 for Barretstown.

Barretstown Soup Kitchen Naas


The girls are always setting up little stalls at home and the Wild Food Festival gives people the opportunity to set up and sell something for a donation to the tidy towns So they decided to set up and sell soup for sick children- everyone likes a bowl of soup when they are sick.They then asked their dad could they use his old 1973 army Land Rover to sell it from.They came up with the name soup army!

They asked John Daly carpenter to put shelves into it for them. They asked Swans on the green, Fruit for you ,Tesco and Supervalu for the veg and stock cubes. The girls then went and purchased a hot plate Borrowed big pots from Acorn crèche and Eva o Reilly catering. The two superstars also got a generator from Haven Hire Lino to floor the landie from west county carpets And t-shirts printed from Vista print. Off they went- peeled-chopped and cooked soup to feed 400.

An inspirational story and some great involvement from the local community of Naas!

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