Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon – Inspiration

This is the story of Ruth and her daughter Madeleine and how they saw completing the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon as a celebration of recovery. Will you join Ruth and Madeline and take part in the Women’s Mini Marathon and make your miles more meaningful? Sign up HERE

Ruth’s Story

In 2011 Madeleine was diagnosed with a brain tumour and had a mountain to climb to recover both physically and psychologically.  Madeleine attended Barretstown for her psychological recovery and in Madeleine’s own words

“I learnt from Barretstown that a child with serious illness was the same as any other child and could have serious fun.

Last year we celebrated her full recovery by signing up for the VHI Mini Marathon representing Barretstown as mother & daughter. We certainly didn’t think in 2011 that we would ever get to do this but we did and were very proud to go through the finish line in 1 hour 34 minutes.  We were hooked and are back again  – we are hoping we will finish in 1 hour 28 minutes this year.

Mothers, daughters, ladies please join us for a great day out and support us in aid of  Barretstown where children with serious illness learn to have serious fun again.

Make a difference and Sign Up Today HERE

Ruth and Madeleine at the Vhi Women’s Mini Marathon

Still have questions about the Vhi women’s mini marathon?

Then contact Jane and Donna on our community team who would be happy to help. Email HERE


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