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We have some amazing fundraising stories here at Barretstown and this one had such a massive impact on a Barretstown family. I will let Barretstown Mum Yvonne tell you all about it:

I had to email you to tell you about the day we had in Bray Friday with the Gardí.

Box for Barretstown


To say we were overwhelmed with the kindness and thoughtfulness of Garda Sandra, Emma Jane, sgt Stephen, Mark, Darren, Stasia and every member of the Bray station would actually not even come close.The station came to a stop for us!

From the moment we arrived, we were cared for and minded so well. Three purpose made uniforms awaited Cliódhna, Cillian and Laoise and our new buddy “Adam”.We were brought through every step of detaining a prisoner, to the cells, interview rooms, 999 call centre and CCTV cameras (they see everything!!!) Every member of staff welcomed us with open arms and played their part in making the day EPIC!


They even placed a checkpoint outside the station for the kids to check licences and even breathalyse a few people!!! Bray came to a standstill. Some members of staff came in on their day off or to their shift early just to help Sandra and Emma Jane with their plans.They learned how to march correctly and were presented with beautiful medals and certs by the superintendent!!!


Just when we thought they could do no more, we were all loaded into the squad cars with sirens, to the most beautiful restaurant “The Martello” in Bray.We had the best table in the house, signs with the kid’s names and Balloons greeted us. Sandra said not only had the proprietor sponsored their upcoming fundraiser but gave our whole meal on the house.We are actually still pinching ourselves about our day. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything like this.The guards invited us to the big fundraiser Friday night, Box4Barretstown which unfortunately we cant make. Sandra has put so much effort into this night and all the guards have been training so hard for it. I hope its a wonderful success.

We told them all about Barretstown for a families point of view and they seemed so delighted to be doing it for such an amazing charity. Sandra told us she was a cara last year and my god has the experience had a huge effect on her.

A day we will remember for the rest of our lives. Cillian was beaming!!!!!


If you are looking to set up a fundraising event get in touch with Jane at Fundraising@barretstown.org

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