Barretstown Med Shed Redevelopment Given Green Light

A 3D rendered image of the new proposed Med Shed design from outside, as viewed from the Barretstown Secret Garden.
A 3D rendering of the proposed Barretstown Med Shed redevelopment.

Barretstown is a unique facility in Ireland and the leading provider of therapeutic recreation programmes in Europe.

A new redeveloped larger Med Shed is essential in our plans to expand to serve more campers each year and to start serving new illness groups, so that we can reach even more children and families living with serious illness.

Children coming to Barretstown are dealing with serious illnesses like cancer and diabetes. Many are still in the middle of treatment or have a lifelong illness that requires 24/7 care. The Med Shed provides a direct line of communication between the medical staff in the Med Shed and the child’s referring hospital. Medical care can continue while at Barretstown, the Med Shed provides on-site treatment such as oral chemotherapy, blood monitoring, haemophilia factor, inhalation therapy and so much more.

A 3D rendered image of the proposed Med Shed redevelopment, with a view of the interior of the design.
The proposed Med Shed redevelopment interior.

The Med Shed is the heart of Barretstown. For the last 28 years it has made it possible for over 85,000 campers to experience the life-changing magic only Barretstown programmes can offer. The current Med Shed was built upon opening Barretstown in 1994, but now it is too small to meet the growing demand for Barretstown. The new Med Shed will have significantly increased capacity, greater accessibility for wheelchair users, a large pharmacy, ensuite rooms and more space for our growing medical team, along with our volunteer doctors and nurses.

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